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Sep 13, 2006
Hi members

This is now a study as it is actually solved while tinkering and writing. I leave it in as some of you can use, it works except for one tiny problem.

I was studying to use MySql as the BackEnd with msAccess as the front. With this in mind, i want to backup the database using mysqldump. I am able to do it with shell eg ShellWait("mysqldump -u root -p --result-file=" & Chr(34) & "c:\mydb.sql" & Chr(34) & " MyDBase".

At first using ">" direction to the file did not worked.

The ShellWait is a function created so that Shell can sleep until the process is completed. This ShellWait works well with zip programs such 7za.exe.

Only problem is the shellwait still ask for the password inspite of -p. Any suggestion to avoid the dialog box asking for password

This is now solved, just drop the -p, then no dialog will appear.
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