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Sep 28, 1999
There's a chap, Ray Kurzweil, who wrote a book "The Singularity is Near" which was/is a prediction of the future. I read the book and it was fascinating to read, and it is marvellous to see many of Ray's predictions coming true.
I am very interested in futurism and part of that was triggered by Mr Kurzweil. I am a bit disappointed that he has resorted to wearing a wig but that aside, his perspective on exponential growth in computer processing speed leading to exponential everything is very insightful. He is supposedly writing a book call The Singularity is Nearer, yet he keeps putting off finishing it, perhaps so that the book title is even more accurate! :D

The robot apocalypse is coming...

Hmmm, another thread idea!

Edit: Here is it:
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Feb 28, 2001
vba_php said:
there is no climate crisis
People are at each others throats. Folks are scared about many factors. Extreme storms are hitting various continents. Even some folks on this forum have come to words over it. But you don't see a crisis.

Just remember, my (relatively) young fellow, that a crisis doesn't have to have a solid factual foundation. This climate issue has some controversy as to specifics of the cause, it has some controversy over "nature" vs. "man-made" - but when everyone is upset enough to have yelling and screaming matches, there is a perception of a crisis SOMEWHERE in there.

Just remember that it doesn't matter whether you have evidence. All it takes is the perception of something to make it real for some folks. You, of course, should recognize that regarding religion.

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