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Aug 17, 2020
I have a streaming issue when playing spotify and having these buds in, via connection to the BT built-in feature in win 10. You can literally set your watch by the streaming interruption and it's occurance and re-occurance. When playing music via my desktop app, the stream will break continuously, very rapidly, maybe 30-40 times in a row, and the music is barely heard that entire time, followed by an uninterrupted stream of 1-2 minutes. and that process repeats forever until I shut the app down.

I've done literally everything I can think of, short of resetting the machine to factory, that I can think of to fix the issue. Someone else from L.A., and very knowledgeable guy, told me that MS has a tendency to roll driver updates into their automatically windows updates. and sometimes, per him, those updates will cause reverts in driver quality and even cause some previous versioned drivers to be installed by accident. and that could cause an issue like this. He told me to re-install my motherboard drivers, for one thing. Does this sound right to anyone here?

I also ran a very sophisticated shell program he created, which he asks everyone to run when something unknown happens that can be evidenced by deep level log files. I ran this software, and the output is here, which is really large: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/ubybzNz5A311PpHTvT3GGmY

Thoughts anyone? Anyone encounter this? It happens with ANY media that's playing in win 10 when I use the buds for output listening => youtube, other embedded vids, sound files, spotify, etc.... the only things that do NOT cause interruption are zoom meetings. but then again, those meetings are not audio streams. just people discussing back and forth. it is also noteworthy to say that this issue has only been happening for a few months (1-2). before that, it never happened and I've used 3 different pair of BT devices to listen to the app's music. If I remember though, before it started happening, I did indeed download a win update from MS, a time or two.

Using earbuds usually involves "breaking" a circuit to speakers in order to divert the sound to the buds. So the first and easiest issue to test is whether the speakers do this same sound pattern while the buds are disconnected.
they don't, Richard. the speakers play anything and everything without any breakage.

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