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May 7, 2009
Totally free sample for you.
The idea come from this thread:

How to encode some field from Json string into the related tables in MS Access | Access World Forums (access-programmers.co.uk)

The main workhorse is the Attached excel file (I think came from ExcelRock.com) and some code I added to interact
Access with Excel.

You need to add reference to Microsoft Office XX.X Object Library (for the filedialog) and Microsoft Excel XX.X Object Library.
The sample is not an "all-around" solution, but targetted on specific json structure.
If you have different structure than what is provided on the attached text file, I will be happy to assists you to meet your goal.

Extract the two files on the .Zip file and open the database.
Use the "magnifying glass" button the search for the textfile to be imported and press the Import button.


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