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I am a new Access 2000 user. The database I am using has over 5000 clients and I am trying to link them to 7 separate years of activity. I am trying to make each year a separate form (or possibly subform). On the main form, I want to be able to hit a control button linked to a macro to display the linked form or subform. Currently I have some macro control buttons at the bottom of the main form that allow me to go to my activity subforms but the client ID number (which is my common link between all the forms) on the main form is not the same as the client ID number called up when I access the linked activity form. I have to manually choose that client number in every linked activity form I access for that particular client. How can I have the linked activity form ID number come up as the same client ID that the main form is showing? I am trying to switch over from Microsoft Works 4.5 to Access and wanted to do it by the end of the year, but this problem is making it impossible. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks.


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Dec 17, 1999
Sounds like the filter you have set when opening up the sub forms is not set correctly. Check to make sure you are setting the forms filter to the ID that you want.


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Jan 7, 2000
If I'm thinking through your problem correctly... When you set up the macro with the command to open the form, also do the apply filter command. In the "Where" box at the bottom try [client id]=[Forms]![main form name]![client id]. This should automatically filter the records so only the record with the same client id appears. Hope this helps!

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