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mac os (1 Viewer)


Registered User.
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Today, 03:13
Nov 29, 2016
Hello there
I would like to know if there is a way to make a form app in visual studio 2017
windows and build it for MacOS
is there an extension or any other way ?
i dont own a Mac but a client of as do

Uncle Gizmo

Nifty Access Guy
Staff member
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Today, 01:13
Jul 9, 2003
I note you have yet to receive a response to your question. I've bumped it up the list just in case it's been missed by someone who might be able to point you in the right direction...


Super Moderator
Staff member
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Today, 01:13
Feb 19, 2013
You could install a windows virtual server on the mac and then it will run in the windows environment - or use a terminal server/citrix implementation

Otherwise think the only way would be to build your form in the html/java environment and run it in a browser.

Presume you are using SQL Azure or similar for your tables since mac's do not support the JET/ACE databases that come with Access.

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