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Sep 23, 2018
I am a beginner and new to this forum, need help to create form and report.

My task is to create database with forms and reports, where, we open New Jobs and each jobs remains with us for 1 year. Same times, we invoice it on monthly basis where we maintain the every day stock reporting for it coupled with outstanding sheet where all unpaid invoices shall be shown.

I have already created a Database with the name of "tblMucMainDB" and a form with the name of "frmMucJob" to fetch the data for each job along with a field name Service Charges which I shall use for Billing....

Now ,I need to generate monthly invoices/bills (Reports) for each job along with stock reports on daily basis and I don't know how may I do this...

In next step, I will be needing an outstanding sheet where all unpaid data would be shown..

If any one help me, I will highly appreciate it and will be very thankful...


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Feb 19, 2013
the first thing you need to understand is data normalisation. This is the basis on which you design your tables and relationships. Once your tables are designed, then you can go on to develop your forms and reports.

This link may help

With regards your question re invoice generation we would need to see your existing table structure to be able to make suggestions - and if your tables are not normalised, the responses will be around sorting that out first


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May 11, 2011
First, in Access a database is the whole thing--tables, queries, forms, reports, code. Sounds like tblMucMainDB is just a table. Most likely just one of the few you will need.

Figuring out the others, getting the right fields and their types and then establishing relationships among all your tables is the first step of building a database. That process is called normalization:

Give that link a read, do a few tutorials and then normalize your database. Worry about forms and reports later. Right now you need to get your tables right.

Once you think you've got your tables like they should be, complete the relationship tool in Access with the tables and relationships among them and take a screenshot oft it and post it here so we can walk thru it.


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Apr 9, 2015
at the beginning of the month, I run an append query that adds to tBilling for all outstanding customers.
BillID, BillDate, CustID, AmtDue, AmtPd, DatePd, PayID

the Due Report pulls all Bill with blank AmtPd.
when customer pays, it puts a record in tPayments,
PayID, CustID, AmtPd, PayMethod...

and also fills in tBilling.AmtPd , PayID...

reports pull the pay list for the month, those w payments due (AmtPd=0), etc.


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Sep 12, 2006
I take it you are doing this for a company of some sort - what you are describing sounds quite complex and you really need some professional assistance at the very least - assuming you are new to databases, why have you been tasked with this?

Database development is not like a spreadsheet - you can't just "hack it" and make it work in the way you can with a spreadsheet - you need a clear understanding of the project, how it would fit into a database, and how to accomplish what you want.

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