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Nov 16, 2004
It looks as though all of our MS Office (2000) help files have been broken somehow.
None of the usual helpful icons that appear at the top of help subjects show any more. And if you do get a text link to show and try to click it you get the following error:
"An error has occurred in the script on this page
Line : 1
Char : 1
Error : Object doesn't support this property or method
Code : 0
URL :mk:@MSITStore:c:\Program%20Files\Microsoft%20Office\Office\1033\xlmain9.chm::/html/xlfctISFunctions.htm"

It isnt just me that this has happend to, it is everyone in our office.
Anyone got any ideas why this has happened?

Thanks :mad:


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Could be something related to this or in fact any security update. Found this line a bit amusing "These effects are expected and intended effects of installing the security update and of installing Windows Server 2003 SP1" :D
Here is a possible fix (even if no update has been done)
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Thanks for that. Doesn't look good!! :(

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