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Sep 28, 1999
Welcome to the Access World Forums!

To get the best out of them, at a minimum I encourage you to do this:

1. Introduce yourself here - not this thread but by clicking the Post Thread button on the top right - and tell us about yourself. Are you new to Microsoft Access or an established programmer? What country or area do you live in? Hobbies? You get the drill... DO NOT post Microsoft Access questions here. Use the appropriate forum section, thank you!

2. Head on down to the Watercooler forum found here: This is for non-Microsoft Access related chat. Click the New Thread button and start up a new thread on a topic of your choosing. Talk about anything you like! Alternatively, reply to one of the existing threads there.

3. If you want to join in the discussion on any existing threads on this forum, just get stuck in. Members will help you out.

4. Consider becoming a paid member (optional). Currently unavailable.

5. If you prefer a dark theme, at the bottom right of the forums is a selector. Choose what you prefer!

This will help you get known in our buzzing community. I hope you enjoy your stay! :)
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