"Numeric Field Overflow" message due to Excel (or Office) Glitch? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 17, 2001
I submitted a thread last week about an "Numeric Field Overflow" message I was getting when importing data from Excel files submitted from offsite. I have new information which only confuses the situation.

I use Office 2k and the site which submits the Excel files also uses Office 2k.

Turns out that only the file copies they send to me create the error message. If I open their file and save (not even save-as) on my machine (without doing anything), the data will be successfully imported.

It has nothing to due with data types or numerical values (I think).

Why would one copy of the file cause the message and the other not? Could it be a glitch in an earlier (or later) version of Office 2000?

Any thoughts?



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Apr 19, 2002
I have had that problem as well. However mine occurs when importing text files. I have found that by changing my import specification to import all fields as text, this error does not occur. I can then set the field types in my import table to the appropriate type. I try to stay away from importing excel files as much as possible - they cause all kinds of problems.

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