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Oct 6, 2019
using PHPMailer to send mail using SMTP authentication

this issue has been bothering me for quite some time and I have yet to get a reliable solution. I am currently trying to implement the PHPMailer class libraries on an employer's server cuz all the experts say it rarely fails and is never spammed out by email clients. I first tried what I've always done, and that is to use PHP's mail() function, but gmail spams it out automatically regardless of what I do to counteract it, which includes clicking on the "NOT SPAM" button when the message comes in. Doesn't matter, the next message coming from the exact same domain address is spammed out again. Godaddy suggested putting a TXT file in my DNS settings, but that did not work either. Initially I thought that modifying the configuration files php.ini or .user.ini would work, but I do not have access to them cuz the employer is on a share hosting plan. My efforts r currently being assisted by an expert in this forum thread:


but after 30+ posts back and forth we're still having a hell of time trying to correct the errors. Does anyone here have enuf PHP experience to give me some advice on what other options are available? I even asked Jon, the site owner here, what method he uses to send notification emails to users but he hasn't touched in PHP in 10 years he said, so no help there either.
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