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Aug 16, 2019
The latest Hue travel experience for visitors.

Hue tourism not only attracts visitors by the cultural and historical beauty. The ancient beauty. But also win the hearts of the people of Hue. The sweetness and sweetness of a Hue girl make everyone fall in love. More view >>> Latest Self-Sufficiency Hue Travel Experience

Or the sudden rains in October create feelings of quietness, sedimentation and also very romantic. The beauty of that, makes visitors cannot help but remember when leaving Hue.

Coming to Hue is coming to the poetic, charming beauty. If anyone has, is and will come to Hue without visiting the following tourist destinations, it is impossible to understand all the wonderful beauty of the dreamy Hue.

1. Thien Mu Turtle

The pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, about 5km from the center of Hue city, right on Kim Long street, in Huong Long commune. In particular, with the thoughtful and ancient beauty, Thien Mu Pagoda silently silently reflects on the poetic Huong River, creating a lyrical picture of Feng Shui.

Coming to Thien Mu Pagoda, visitors not only enjoy the ancient beauty and poetic beauty of the Perfume River, but also listen to the people retelling legendary stories and myths about the court erection and stories. resentment of lovers, ... in order to better understand the miracle of this land.

In addition, the temple also preserves a lot of valuable antiques such as horizontal paintings, questions of the ancient, rare ancient statues, bronze bell and stone steles ... not only of historical value but also of turmeric. Art.

2. Huyen Khong Son Son.

Located in Dong Cham village (Hon Gibbon), Huong Ho ward, Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue, about 14km west of the ancient capital of Hue. The temple is located in the middle of a charming mountain, so it is the purest space to meditate.

Such a location is very convenient for visitors from other tourist destinations to visit.

No fussy, ancient with rustic architecture, close to nature has created a separate highlight. Coming to the temple, visitors will learn about the history of forming the temple, the spiritual and cultural values ​​that the temple still preserves, ...

Especially here, visitors will admire the impressive artistic features in the temple architecture. The main hall of the pagoda with the architectural style is the communal house of Hue, there is no mix in architectural culture, taking harmony with nature, with the national soul as the leading meaning, lightly playing the role of religious beliefs. but attaching importance to the tendency to live in meditation and scouting in the human and celestial relationship. Here, visitors also admire 10 ancient poems, writing about lifestyle, ideology.

There are also many other artistic beauties such as Buddha statues, graceful meditation spaces, documentary houses, poetry ...

More view >>> Sapa Tour Exciting Climbing.

3. Tu Dam Pagoda

Located at No. 1, Su Lieu Quan, Truong An Ward, Hue City, is an ancient temple in Vietnam. Still preserves many cultural and historical beauties. Coming to the temple, tourists can visit nearby famous places such as

Visitors to the temple can not only learn about the cultural and historical values ​​of the temple, but also visitors can enjoy the beauty of the ancient architecture of the temple. The temple has an architectural style, combining two types of architecture both old and new, tall and spacious but also simple. The pagoda has 3 main parts: the tam quan, the main pagoda and the synagogue.

In particular, the temple is also known as an important temple in the revival and development of Buddhism in modern times and the struggle for freedom of peace and belief.

In addition, during the August Revolution years, the temple was also a center of active activities of the national salvation movement. At the pagoda, the struggles against the dictatorial regime of Ngo Dinh Diem started with patriotic monks and devout Buddhists standing up to contribute to the struggle of the nation.

4.The Imperial Citadel of Hue
Hue Citadel is a historic center and unique architectural structure in the complex of Hue historical monuments, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage on 11-12-1993.

The Imperial Citadel of Hue including Hoang Thanh and the Forbidden Purple City are now in the territory of Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue City. From Dai Noi, tourists can visit nearby places such as Trang Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market, ...

Hue Citadel Review

Coming to Dai Noi, visitors will be able to visit and explore the unique architectural works of our nation during the feudal period.

Ngo Mon Gate, an architectural work with an important task in protecting the palace, was built in Minh Mang 14 (1883). du lich viet, On the radio is Can Nguyen, the two sides have two of Ta Doan Mon and Huu Doan Mon. In the past, the gate was reserved only for kings according to the concept of Translation. Coming here, visitors will really enjoy the architecture of this monumental building.
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if your option group is bound to a field then changing the value of the option group will update the field. You then need to save the record. Sounds like you might have some code preventing this from happening.

I would also point out that option groups only work with numbers so your material field needs to be numeric - it can't be updated with "Ordered but not received" etc


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If having to change design to accommodate numbers would be an issue, consider changing from option group to a single combo box and stick with your text values. I think this would be one of the few times one would bind a combo box to a field.

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