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Mar 13, 2021
where is arnelgp? need him again! my robocopy is stopping without going through with first command. i do not know how to print out errors with pipe or anything. it just breaking on first command. even when i run with second command only, it not working. here is my whole script

@echo off

echo Deleting all files in [C:\Users\u\2]...
del "C:\Users\u\2\*.*" /Q
echo All files have been deleted.

echo Copying files from [C:\Users\u\1] to [C:\Users\u\2]...
robocopy "C:\Users\u\1" ^
"C:\Users\u\2 *.*"
echo All files have been copied.

i follow instruction in both thesee sites but nothing work. what am i doing wrong?

issue is solved but have another question. how do i pipe out error logs? i can not seem to find solution to this. error handling yes but not piping.

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