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Send messages from Access to Telegram (1 Viewer)


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Today, 14:24
Oct 22, 2016

I wrote an access 2013 database serving our local community. We send out emails from the database on a monthly basis to members with their personalized statements. It works very well with much less administration than the previous attempts by others in Excel.

The community members use Telegram Messenger on their smart phones for various purposes. Now I received a request to adopt the database to send out summarized statements to Telegram Messenger on a frequent basis. We need to send out personalized messages based on data from the access database to the individual Telegram Messenger accounts of the members.

I searched the net with limited success. I am not a seasoned programmer / developer and thought along the following lines:
1. Create a BOT in Telegram Messenger (BOT = Telegram account without a mobile number that can send messages to Telegram accounts linked to a specific mobile phone number). I never created a bot before.
2. Create functionality in Access to send individual reports to the BOT to distribute to the member Telegram accounts. Not sure if this is just saving a HTML file somewhere and prompt the bot to send out the file.
These were just my thoughts and have not been tested / done before by myself.

Any advice on how to send a message from Access to Telegram Messenger will be appreciated.


Super Moderator
Staff member
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Today, 12:24
Feb 19, 2013
This is a very specific question which I suspect responders have very little experience of. I would email telegram or ask a FAQ whether the API will work with VBA and for some examples.

But in principle

you need to use an API which can be found here


once installed, you should be able to select it in vba references

there is example php code here


php is a different language, but the principles will be the same in VBA for constructing/sending messages. All depends on whether the API can be used in VBA

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