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Tailoring a Form (1 Viewer)


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Today, 11:10
Jan 31, 2000
I'm new to Access, so I apologize if this question is simple. I have a list of 100 potential questions. I want the user to select ten of the 100 questions. I want those 10 questions to be imported into a particular form.

I built a table then pared it down with a query but I don't know how to transfer the 10 selected questions to the new form since the field names change.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Help please.

Pat Hartman

Super Moderator
Staff member
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Today, 07:10
Feb 19, 2002
I can't quite tell from your question, but, I would guess that your tables need to be redesigned. It sounds like you have a table with some key designation and 100 columns for questions. I suggest you change the design so that you have a table with a single row for each question. The key would be whatever key you are currently using plus question number.
So instead of:
Key, ques1Text, ques2Text, ques3Text, etc.
You would have:
Key, quesNum, text
Key, quesNum, text
Key, quesNum, text

I would need to know more about the app to give you details on how to proced from here. But in general, you would have a form that lists the questions with a button control to select them for additional processing. Perhaps copy them to a temp table. Then the form you are having trouble with now would use the temp table as its recordsource and would only show the questions that were previously selected.

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