The hunt for "Dark Matter" - Fascinating! (1 Viewer)

Uncle Gizmo

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Today, 01:38
Jul 9, 2003
I just read this article on using atomic clocks to ferret out the range where dark matter might hide:-

I posted it here because it's one of the easiest to understand technological advances that I've read for some time.

Usually when I read articles on the latest cutting-edge science, I find most of it goes right over my head, but I could sort of understand the science behind this in my amateurish way.


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Yesterday, 20:38
Dec 26, 2002
The fact that we have effectively created black holes on Earth and that it would take only a slightly larger one to destroy our planet means we are slowly, if not faster, creeping to our demise. There are some things I wish they would leave alone.

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