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Mar 14, 2017
The other day I had a confusing experience that I was wanting to bounce off the experts to see if there is something I forgot about, some aspect.

I'd created a simple Excel workbook with a userform that was programmed (in the workbook's Open event) to display modally. I wanted to make some edits to the program. Naturally, since the UF was displayed modally, I was unable to unless I disabled the workbook open code - so I went to my usual fallback. Go to trust center and disable macros then reopen the workbook.

After disabling them, I closed Excel and re-opened the workbook. The code ran! Frustrated, I checked the Trust Center "trusted documents" (didn't see it listed there) and "trusted locations" (didn't see my Desktop, where the file lives, there).

The workbook kept opening with all macros automatically enabled, despite me disabling macros in the trust center.
I ultimately resorted to hitting Ctrl+PauseBreak, while the UF was showing, to interrupt it. Which I hate doing, because then all Excel VBA will perpetually show a "continue/end" dialogue while running every line of code thereafter until I restart my computer (been that way all my life to my knowledge - anyway, that's something else. Access is much more forgiving on the Ctrl+PauseBreak!)

I have Office 365. What am I forgetting about or missing?

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Jul 9, 2003
What am I forgetting about or missing?

Well, personally I don't know, but I thought your message has been hanging here for awhile with no responses, so I thought I would give it a bump!

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