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Mar 27, 2020
Good Morning all (well...its morning here anyway)

I have a toggle button to hide/unhide the Navigation Pane, which is only open to admin users. Currently, when the Nav Pane is unhidden (is that even a word???), it pops up in Object View. I would like it to pop up in Custom View. Is there a command or acType to do this?

Im using this to hide the Nav Pane:
DoCmd.NavigateTo "acNavigationCategoryObjectType"
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide

...and this to unhide the Nav Pane:
DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True

Im assuming there isnt an "acNavigationCategoryCustom", because I tried this as a Hail Mary. Its not difficult to change to Custom, of course...just annoying.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
I don't have the answer but that is because I would never, ever expose the navigation pane to any users. If you distribute as .accdb, once the user can get to the navigation pane, he can modify any object he wants to and that is really bad.

WHY are you giving the admins access? What are they supposed to do once they get there?

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