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Apr 11, 2003
We have 6 dogs, used to be 8 but we have lost 2 this year. I can add this on dogs:

Black Lab Mix: Great dog around anyone, kids or guests. Loves being inside or out. This dog is 10 years old and still likes to play a lot.

English Shepard Mix: Onery, loves to play. Not that great with kids, usually prefers to be with adults. Possibly because she was raised with grown kids, not small ones. Very intelligent dog.

Bassett Hound Mix: Loves my grandkids, especially when they are holding food! Very low energy dog, very BIG dog. Nose like a bloodhound, will follow scents forever if you don't watch out. Pretty dumb but very lovable.

Chihuahuas: Not for small kids, but will make up to them eventually, if you are patient. These dogs will sleep all day and all night. We have two of them. They are the laziest animals I have seen, except when it's meal time.

Cairn Terrier Mix: My dog, found her stranded on the road on Valentines day, 4 years ago in an ice storm. She was near gone. This dogs loves everybody and loves to play. She likes my grandkids and goes nuts when they come in the house. (but she doesn't usually like the cats, which is fine with me :D )

English Setter Mix: We just lost this dog 3 weeks ago. He had a stroke and died in his sleep sitting next to me. A very loving dog, okay with kids but preferred adults. Always loved my son. Went crazy whenever Josh came over.

Cocker Spaniel Mix: Handsome Jack came to us via being dumped in our yard by whoever his previous owner was. He was older and had diabetes and Cushing's Disease by the time we got him, so it is hard to judge from this. My mother raised purebred cockers when I was growing up. They weren't the friendliest dogs, but usually liked 'one person'.

All of our dogs except the Chihuahuas are pound dogs. The Cairn Terrier may be purebred, I don't know and don't care. The lab and the cairn terrier are the best around kids.

My two cents...


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Nov 3, 2011
My favorite breed is a Labrador, they are the most friendliest dogs you will ever come across best Family dog. I also love boxer, they are pretty dozy and comical.

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