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Sep 22, 2012
I hate Windows 8, but have to deal with it. Please let me know if you have any solution to this problem. I have a mobile inspections App (Access 2010) that allows users to perform inspections and then synchronize the records to a remote data file when they have a network connection. The app allows one to take pictures from within it and these automatically attach to records.

The issue is that in Win 7, I use a shell command (Call Shell(stAppName, 1) where strAppName is the shortcut icon's target for picture taking software and it works well. But, in Win 8, they do something differently, at least on the Acer W510's most of my users and distributors want to purchase. Acer uses some Generic "CrystalEye" software, but after searching for the executable and storing it's name in stAppName along with the path, calling Shell raises and error with Environmental variables.

Since Win 8 doesn't create Win 7-style desktop shortcut icons, I can't get the correct target path and name easily. Does anyone know some kind of work-around or where/how this type of thing could be set up in Win 8?

Incidentally, while not considered "proper", I did find a way to move attachments from one table to another during synchronization via a custom function and posted a sample on my website:

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