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May 14, 2002
I have an old pc like a pentium 3 (dnt laugh) anyway it has just stopped working all the sudden. it does its usual post test and actualy boots into widows and allows me to login but thats as far as it goes it displays my background but no icons or start bar appear.

I am at a loss to see what the problem could be does anyone have any advice or ideas how to resolve this problem.

I'm using windows xp home eddition servive pack 2, i can access everything normally through safe mode and even go on line.

***EDIT*** Sorry just thought - check that show icons is ticked for the desktop first before doing anything else. Right click on desktop > arrange icons by > show desktop items if that does do it then:

It sound like file explorer is corrupted you can try this

If your worried about messing with the registry take note of the key and the value so you can add it back in if it all goes Pete Tonge..................,"wrong" for our American cousins :)

Try this first see if that sorts it - you might have to do a system restore if that doesn't work.

You should also do a full virus/ spyware/ adware scan in safe mode just to be sure ;)
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