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Mar 31, 2017
Hi All

Not sure who or if anyone will find this useful but here is my contribution to the cause

As the title states it’s a way of printing labels of a zebra printer in a warehouse environment in a standardised form

In my case it has barcodes for the location check string stored on a shared drive which are linked via path in the table, which are then added to the report which is then printed out on the label

Also it has code which generates a barcode on the fly for the SKU of an item and then, saves this to a folder and again links that to the report

If you like it great, and just happy to give back to the community which has helped me out so many times

In the attached i have given the barcode images for example, as well as the database.

I got them from https://www.morovia.com/free-online-barcode-generator/ and then saved the image


  • Zebra Label Printer with Barcode.zip
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