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You asked for a copy of the example I uploaded screenshots of.

If you use Skype then i can show you what I have done. My Skypename is:- Live:mike.s23


Hey Mike,

Sure I can reach you on Skype. What is your time zone? I'm in Australia.
Hi Hartman, I see like there is a new reply on the bell icon on the upper right corner, but suddenly disappeared. Something wrong with my account?
Pat Hartman
No, the bell color changes once you view any thread. Click on the bell to see the newest responses.
Abo, Could you help me on my question regarding query to select only one row where date of order is the latest?, how can we say that query
I know how you like to test different ways of doing things. I suspect you would like to compare the techniques offered in this thread.
Hi Greg.
Thanks. I've just replied in the thread. Will do so if I find the time
BTW did you see my PM reply regarding SQL Server security - before Xmas I think.
If possible, please respond by PM or email ...definitely not in an open forum thread or profile message for reasons that should be obvious
Hey Ava here, living in USA, I start working as a content writer in which I generally write content over entertainment and technology.
Hello MajP, Hope you are doing fine. I have made some progress in my database and stuck on an issue. Please review the recent post, whenever you have time and let me know what is possible solution. Thanks for all your help
How to make a continuous flash for a record that meets a specific condition in the continuous records form
Sorry - no idea what your question means. Please ask in a new forum thread so that others can respond as well.
You may want to correct your post. Schiff is in the House, not the Senate.
Steve R.
Steve R.
No problem. Too bad the news is depressing. The good news, Republicans retain the Senate and picked up some House seats. If Trump's personality was not so divisive and adversarial, he should have been able to win based on the Congressional election results.
Pat Hartman
The market seems to think he will win.
Steve R.
Steve R.
Good question, as to the meaning of the market rising. What I heard, is that the Senate would block much of the Democratic agenda, one of them being, taxes. Note the meteoric rise of the NASDAQ today, that may be a pro-Biden reaction. Companies like Amazon are owned by the lefties.
Hi Dave. Just tried to post a question on the VBA section and got a message saying it could not be posted because it may be spam etc. Any guesses?
When I am editing my Access dB on a network, a PC name, not my own, appears next to the Citrix icon, namely rdrwrajr0304, at the bottom right hand corner. Is this a snooper?
Now my dB has been scrambled, when it was previously working: is this evidence of a malicious attack.
Part Solution: when the PC or device label disappeared, the dB appears to have returned to normal. I am running tests currently to catch any possible damage done.

I just need code which hides the Access DB window and only have the open form. I have two more options in the form to which shows a report and one which saves the report as a excel file.

my form name: frmMyTime
my report name: rptMyTime

I use both MS Access 16 64bit / 32bit.
I attached my database today (9.7.20) for your review in the previous thread due to not allowing for me to upload it here.
I'm creating my table now. the Primary keys they are not auto number, correct? what does "indexed" mean?
You asked what is does Program mean. It is actually the classroom identification for that staff person. there are several staff who would not have that due to staff who do not work in a classroom or staff who are "floaters" or AN(as needed) who are not assigned to 1 particular classroom.
We can forget the PIR Table. this is keeping track of all staff who had been hired and left during the program year. But I will have this information one my DB is done correctly.
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