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Hi Bob fitz
Cloud you please check this below link and solution this problems, this example is for isladogs. I just edit and try to put. But did not success. Hope you will help me. thank you.
sir: this is nice
Application.SetOption "Auto Compact", True
CurrentDB.Properties("AllowFullMenus") = False
:very useful it complete my pane and objects restriction...
Hi. Glad to hear it helped. Good luck with your project.
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yes sir: it's all done, that was my last problem solved the rest only minor
i have a big Accdb for General Services Office on Property List, Purchase Order, Vehicle Registration, etc...
i include my web browser, file transfer, network browser, export/import file, etc...
using Forms: split, single, datasheet...
includes Macro, Module of numbers to text, my own build codes, up to 999,999,999...
i wish i could start selling my Accdb Project on order with customer design...
i guess im ready for Accdb Business...
Just having FUN! Making a DB for my local volunteer Fire Dept
It is very difficult to work out your process using your Relationship Diagram.
There are so many things wrong with the way you have structured your tables it would take some time to resolve.

What is the table 43 Fire Dept Delete used for?
Got lost in the woods here when putting it together. so I started IDing those tbls that were to be removed after I found my way out. That tbl, once I am sure, needs to go. It'a a duplicate that I messed up on.
I am here to solve your Access problems.
progetto software sas
is it possible to preview in a form an msg file (outlook) without being asked to open the file?
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What do you mean by the msg file?
Questions like this should be done in the main forum to get a wider variety of opinions and so everyone can benefit
Hi @arnelgp
If you have time, I have posted a thread regarding "current active user". Please have a look.
Many thanks
Yesterday you provided the SQL
select id, invoice, dcount("1", "yourTableName", "ID <= " & [ID]) As Sequence, Status from yourTableName Order By id Asc;
I do not have an ID value. To simplify, assume a table of only invoice numbers with duplicates. How would I change your SQL to:
1) get a sequential number for each record
2) get a subset of sequential numbers by the invoice number
You should ask this question in the forum thread where you are more likely to get a quick answer
Good evening. Just joined today to find out answers for of my questions and hope I can help resolve some issues, though. Still a learner.
Thank you so much for your helps in the previous thread. Please help me also below the thread link
Hi CJ_London
could You please look at my thread, if you are not busy
Hi Everybody, I am new in this forum. I am learning VBA programming for Excel and Access. Would like to upgrade myself with the vast knowledge base available in this forum. In profession, I am a Mechanical / Piping Engineer, living in Thane, Maharashtra, India.
I'm new to this forum and just joined today. I am an Access Developer for our local Food Shelf, but I am not a programmer and usually need help to use SQL. I taught myself the Access from online videos and chats. Hopefully I won't need to much additional help, but it's nice to know that this site is available. Thank you,
hello .. hope you are fine
i need to make a list box field in an access table its value depends on the value of another list box >>
Example a field2 is a list box its values appears depends on the value i chosen from field1 list box ,, so
i made a table for field1 values and another table for values of each value in field1
how could i control it
Hi, I am reaching out to you because of your Export to Excel with Conditional Formatting post. I am having a hard time tracking it all but I see that you got it working i have been searching for this answer for a while can I see your finishing code I cannot seem to figure this one out please help!
Hey Pat, i came accross a thread in which you talk about using RDP when using DBs over VPN. May i ask, what is RDP ?
Pat Hartman
RDP = Remote Desktop. You would might have gotten an answer sooner if you had posted to the forum.

If you send me a zipped copy of the database with an explanation of what you need then I will take a look and get back to you.

Send to me at:-

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