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I just need code which hides the Access DB window and only have the open form. I have two more options in the form to which shows a report and one which saves the report as a excel file.

my form name: frmMyTime
my report name: rptMyTime

I use both MS Access 16 64bit / 32bit.
I attached my database today (9.7.20) for your review in the previous thread due to not allowing for me to upload it here.
I'm creating my table now. the Primary keys they are not auto number, correct? what does "indexed" mean?
You asked what is does Program mean. It is actually the classroom identification for that staff person. there are several staff who would not have that due to staff who do not work in a classroom or staff who are "floaters" or AN(as needed) who are not assigned to 1 particular classroom.
We can forget the PIR Table. this is keeping track of all staff who had been hired and left during the program year. But I will have this information one my DB is done correctly.
ok...I'm ready to tackle the issues with my current database. As you know there's a lot of work to be done. Where should I begin? You suggested combining some tables and changes their PK and creating FK. I'm ready whenever you are able to help me to get this done right and most effective.
I saw it after I sent you that reply. I'm going to start working on that right now. TY so much! Did you let me know what the PK and /or FK are to be in each table?

thank you very much for the solution on the resizeform
this it absolutely amassing

thank you so much for all the replies you assist me with
You're welcome. Glad you liked it
If you want to chat through your problems then contact me via Skype: Live:mike.s23
Hi Bob fitz
Cloud you please check this below link and solution this problems, this example is for isladogs. I just edit and try to put. But did not success. Hope you will help me. thank you.
Just having FUN! Making a DB for my local volunteer Fire Dept
It is very difficult to work out your process using your Relationship Diagram.
There are so many things wrong with the way you have structured your tables it would take some time to resolve.

What is the table 43 Fire Dept Delete used for?
Got lost in the woods here when putting it together. so I started IDing those tbls that were to be removed after I found my way out. That tbl, once I am sure, needs to go. It'a a duplicate that I messed up on.
I am here to solve your Access problems.
progetto software sas
is it possible to preview in a form an msg file (outlook) without being asked to open the file?
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What do you mean by the msg file?
Questions like this should be done in the main forum to get a wider variety of opinions and so everyone can benefit
Hi @arnelgp
If you have time, I have posted a thread regarding "current active user". Please have a look.
Many thanks
Yesterday you provided the SQL
select id, invoice, dcount("1", "yourTableName", "ID <= " & [ID]) As Sequence, Status from yourTableName Order By id Asc;
I do not have an ID value. To simplify, assume a table of only invoice numbers with duplicates. How would I change your SQL to:
1) get a sequential number for each record
2) get a subset of sequential numbers by the invoice number
You should ask this question in the forum thread where you are more likely to get a quick answer
Good evening. Just joined today to find out answers for of my questions and hope I can help resolve some issues, though. Still a learner.
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