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Steve R.

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Jul 5, 2006
Where is our new disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz, to expose the dishonesty of the Biden administration?
Deficit Reduction:
Both the Trump and Biden administrations proposed massive government spending to fight the Covid pandemic. That means that the Biden administration endorsed increased massive deficit spending and claimed credit for this "just cause". Now that the Covid pandemic is ameliorating, the need for massive deficit spending is now declining. The Biden administration is now hypocritically claiming credit for reducing deficit spending!!!
“The administration touting this victory is highly misleading; deficits are falling mainly because COVID relief is ending, and deficits will remain high even after this decline.”

US National Debt:
The most egregious aspect of the deficit reduction claims, is that it blatantly ignores that the US national debt continue to explode. Simply reducing spending, especially when spending continues to exceed revenues is not something to be touted by the Biden, or any administration, when it continues to pile-on debt.


The quote below, based on continued deficit spending is incomprehensible. This can be made "comprehensible" as an accounting trick. You pay, towards the national debt, $26B on one day. The next day you borrow $26B+. The big question, the intrepid truth seeks are being negligent in calling-out this "disinformation". Let's get on the job Nina Jankowicz.
The president’s remarks come after his Treasury Department on Monday surprised observers by announcing that it plans to pay down $26 billion in debt in the second quarter.

“For the first time since 2016, the Treasury Department is planning to pay down the national debt issued to the public this quarter,” he said on Wednesday. “For all the talk Republicans" (emphasis added)

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