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Mar 29, 2017
Hi guys, I hope someone can help me?

I’m currently involved in a project for my camera club treasurer, never been involved with such a big project before, which I’m glad to say is nearly complete, although I have 2 x problems which I can’t remember whether I was ever taught this. I’m designing in Access 2021 .accdb, I have my opening autoexec form which works Ok, my problem is security, does anyone know how I can secure my app from the shift key bypasser’s and the righthand mouse clickers from getting into the design view of the system, but will allow me to get to the design view for rectification or design improvements? I understand that there is no way of which, app can be totally secure apart from turning it into a piece of standalone software which is way beyond my capability.

My second problem is to do with a report, my table and form fields consist of: Name, Address1, Address2, Town, County and Postcode. Address2 is sometimes not used, it’s not a problem with the form but it does not look good with an empty field on a report when Address2 is null specially for an invoice. How can I collapse that empty field?

On both problems I’ve searched google, tried so many YouTube tutorials but to no avail, can anyone help? Many thanks.
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Search here for disabling the bypass. However if you supply an .accde file, I think that issue is moot?
Otherwise look at https://isladogs.co.uk/open-shift-bypass-3/index.html

As for your second query, if you use + instead of & then Nulls are taken into account. Again that is mentioned here several on several threads.
So if you concatenate all the address controls with + and vbCRLF, it should remove Null values. That would be one way.

BTW Name is a reserved word. Do not use reserved words.

Also, please use the appropriate forum and not Introduce Yourself? You did that back in 2017. :)
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