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Ganh Da Dia: The wonderful beauty of Phu Yen land

Ganh Da Dia - a strange name that is curious to anyone who hears it. Indeed, nature has given Phu Yen land a priceless gift. The reason why, please follow below article to explore offline!

Ganh Da Dia - A marvelous masterpiece of nature
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Have you ever heard of Phu Yen Ganh Da Dia? The name is weird, isn't it? The reason is that this place stands out with rocks adjacent to each other. One after the other, arranged in layers, like large stacks of plates. Shapes are colorful: hexagons, squares, circles ...

According to research, at Ganh Da Dia is a basalt formed from 200 million years ago. On the Van Hoa plateau, during volcanic activity, lava erupted along the flow leading to the sea. These lava flows froze when meeting the cold water, combined with the phenomenon of allergic force should have multidimensional fractures, creating beautiful rocks like magic now.

With a width of about 50m and stretching over 200m, Ganh Da Dia is a place not to be missed when traveling to Phu Yen. From above, Ganh Da Dia looks like a giant honeycomb with mysterious black color. The rapids stand out from the blue sea, surrounded by strong waves.

Must stand to see it firsthand to feel this amazing beauty. There are stretches of rock stretching gradually down to the sea. There are rocks that are lined up and straight. So there is another story that said, all the rocks here are due to some giant god with skillful hands.

Walking along the Ganh Da Dia, sometimes you will encounter some sunken areas. Every time it rains with the seawater settling, they become artificial lakes. What could be better than sitting down on the rocks and feeling the coolness of the sea water? Gaze at the poetic nature, breathe a fresh air.

For those interested in exploring, try going deep below the edge of Ganh Da Dia. You will see a large cave deep in the foot of the mountain, white sponges unleashed. It is said that this cave was a consequence of the war.

A marvelous natural wonder, amazingly beautiful, especially when the sun shines down on the shimmering sunlight. Ganh Da Dia all year round is embraced by the waves. The interwoven colors of rocks, waves and seas, of trees and grasses create a beautiful picture, catching anyone visiting. This place is a virtual check-in point not to be missed.

Honest, friendly people

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Every time you travel, do you have a little wonder about the people there? But after visiting Ganh Da Dia, you will see that the people here are extremely hospitable and friendly.

You can ask them about the way, or nearby attractions nearby. They will regret nothing but enthusiastically guide you. How lovely the Central voice was. It feels like the distance between areas is so close. This will be an unforgettable memory when you return to where you live.

Coming to Ganh Da Dia, you will also see images of each basket boat peacefully lying by the rocks. The fishermen are gentle, busy preparing for the trip to the sea, or returning quietly when the work is completed. Seeing the new eyes even more loves the scenery and the people here.

How to go to Ganh Dia?

From the city where you live, you can choose to fly to Tuy Hoa airport, or travel by train to Tuy Hoa station.

From the city center. Tuy Hoa, Du Lich Viet gives you two suggestions:

Take Highway 1A1 about 30 km to the North. To Chi Thanh town, turn right towards the East Sea, go about 12km to Ganh Da Dia.
Running a motorbike about 35 km, along the coastal road from Tuy Hoa to Ganh Da Dia. For travelers who prefer to move, this way is very suitable. By walking just watching the blue sea, big mountains, romantic scenery.

The best time to visit Ganh Da Dia

With the wonderful beauty of nature, visitors can come to Ganh Da Dia at any time of the year. du lich viet nam However, there are two distinct seasons: rainy and dry seasons. So Du Lich Viet recommend traveling Ganh Da Dia from March to August. The weather is very nice, the air is cool, easy to move and visit.

Visitors pay attention from August to November is rainy season. So arrange your journey accordingly. Avoid traveling here around this time.

If you want to experience the excitement of the fishing festival, please come here in early February and on the 10th of August AL every year. At this time, fishermen Tuy An in particular and Phu Yen in general will hold a ceremony to start and end the fish crop. Looking forward to a bumper crop and thanks when the fish crop is completed.
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