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Sep 28, 1999
A couple of days ago, I discovered that the WordPress Wordfence security plugin was affecting the forum section, causing the Oops! error. It thought some posts with code in it were hacking attempts. Well, half an hour ago, I discovered that it appears it has affected the number of pages from this site that Google has excluded.


The circle represents the day I installed the Wordfence security plugin. All those extra excluded pages are forum pages. So, they excluded an extra 200K+ pages from their index the day after installation. This might account for the recent drop in our Alexa from 100K to 120K. Many of the other excluded pages are things like members profiles, which Google deems not worthy of indexing.

Hopefully we can inch back up again in the Alexa rankings.

I will work on a solution to this. I've already implemented the exclusion of Wordfence affecting the forums folder, but I need to work out how to get Google to be happy with the excluded posts.


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Mar 14, 2017
As soon as I clicked the title of this thread, odd as it was, 6 command windows popped up and ran and then disappeared.

Unnerving to say the least.

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