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Jul 5, 2006
Over the past couple of day there have been a bunch of "small" stories were the Democrats raise a hyperbolic negative concern seemingly unaware that it is making them hypocrites. Cognitive dissonance.

Governor Abbott of Texas lifted all Covid-19 (state) government imposed restrictions. Biden promptly arrogantly referred to it as "Neanderthal thinking" in condemning that action. Yet, the Biden administration has opened the border with Mexico, which has apparently allowed over 100 illegal immigrants to be released within the US with Covid-19. Essentially a "super spreader event". As another point, you can illegally enter the US without complying with Covid-19 restrictions, yet (in many places) you can't have a social gathering in the US as you must comply with Covid-19 restrictions. So law abiding citizens must comply but illegal immigrants are exempt.

Fox News has been reporting that a massive number of unaccompanied minors are (illegally) entering the US. The Biden administration is apparently making no effort to stem this flow, yet Biden when he was campaigning for President spoke of "other methods" for maintaining border security. These "other methods" are apparently not yet being deployed, but Biden is quickly dismantling Trump border security methods. Which has essentially "opened the border". Furthermore, the language being used by the Biden administration implies "you are welcome to illegally enter the US". My major focus is on the two points below.
  1. Gregg Gutfeld noted today that the Democrats lambasted Trump for "tearing children from their parents" and putting them in disgusting "cages". That Trump was therefore heartless and immoral. Gutfeld then made a very obvious point. These parents must not have really cared about their children since they sent them unaccompanied of a very hazardous journey knowing that they would be locked up in those very same cages (at least for a short time).
  2. Related. NYC cops arrest mom of girl found alone on Bronx street corner. So here we have a mother being arrested for child engagement. That implies that all the parents (in Mexico and Central America) should also be arrested for abandoning their kids. Of course there is "problem" with my prior sentence as the parents would not fall under US jurisdiction. Nevertheless, the Democrats do not appear to be actually concerned about this form of "child abuse". Letting the unaccompanied minors in is "acceptable", even if it endorses child abuse, as it will eventually allow for "chain migration". More Democratic voters. The children are simply "pawns" for the Democrats.
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