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Jul 7, 2005
i am unable to logon to Windows XP at work. i know there shouldn't be a password for administrator, but apparently there is! :mad: it's a netware logon screen & we still use novell here my IT supervisor said that that doesn't really matter. ther has to be another way around this issue!

PLEASE, if you have any ideas at all post them. i was thinking along the lines of a jumper maybe.......? i'm in a bad sitch right now.

thanx in advance.
i know there shouldn't be a password for administrator
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: On a work machine !!!!! if this has been the case then whoever setup this machine should be hung drawn and quartered. You should NEVER EVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRUMSTANCES have an unprotected admin log in. Right rant over :p

If you can't log in via netware you will need to reset the account see here
This will need to be done by your system admin or your supervisor (he should know this)

You will also have to know a valid XP password, or the machine has the same account details as novell once again you system admin should do this - In fact they should have a valid admin log in to all machines. (there is away to reset this but post back if you need to)

i know...i know...very unspider-sensy. i appreciate your answering me - save-age or not. everything's worth a shot, so thanx. :o i feel kinda with the forms & etimologies & whatnot. my angsty attitude has kept me from asking questions that make me feel dumb, but are which obviously necessary in order to keep order. help...! i'm a linguistics mess, basically, i boinked...i need help but it's alot more than bookwormy information i need. it needs to be cryptic yet developmentary...someone out there should get it & be in tuned w/the unseen forces. please, i know you're me!!!!!!! i'm about to have a drastic distraction reduction. i know i've been kinda out there, but i am still influenced by science & matematics...that's my nature. me to move forward on the path i have chosen to explore...........
k, so i'm edge girl...that doesn't make me less powerful...i know some of you out there feel this force too. i am simply trying to develop all aspects of my mind & soul that exist & influence my conscious & unconscious being. the influence speaks to my spirituality.
i hope i didn't cause anyone major wiggins...i was just tying to express my feelings & the feelings of others i know, withouut causing major wig..
anyway, i know there are definitely some among this community that feel the same. and even still, i remain a computer geek in training & a wiccan who is still learning (or at least trying my best to do so). so if you can, in practicing please assist. otherwise, thank you for hearing me.
i appreciatete any divine power that is beyond the scope of my comprehension. glory to the goddess & god.
i know i'm new & young, but still trying i appreciate any assistance...whether you agree w/my beliefs or not.
blessed be.......

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