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Awesome idea Jon. Wish i had this when starting out. One thing you might need to do later is group the videos into the different object types (Forms, Tables, Queries etc) as you could have 100's down the track.

Also - You might need to advertise the fact that these exist. I came across them by chance.


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I am new to Access 2007 and would now consider myself as slightly above beginner status thanks to your easy to follow and understand tutorials. Excellent work :)


Additionally, I have noticed if I go to YouTube and search for a particular type of video on Access, there are many available that novice users could avail themself of. For example, when I type in "MS Access Append Query," there are 61 hits.




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You did really great work on this one. I still consider myself an access newbie and I like your presentation. It's very clear and you have a great voice.

I hate to say this but I'm afraid that you have stolen the thunder! Well, In a good way!:D That link you gave above is a killer. He's got great pace and you can tell he's not holding back. Now, if I can just download it and name it as my Access Video Cookbook.;)


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Hey Jon,

I'm new to the group and have some experience with video editing and don't mean to push any products nor tell you what to do but I thought I'd give you some feedback.

1. Voice and tone is done well.
2. It's hard to see what you are clicking on because the video doesn't zoom in and out. Consider using a program called Camtasia Studio.
3. And other people mentioned this too, but offer advanced course, e.g., data modeling and normalization with proper primary and foreign key constraints. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see.


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These video tutorials are great, Jon! I wish they had been here 14 years ago when I first started using Access.


Jon, it seems only the first four of these point to a valid U2b video. Links decay over time, don't they. I'm in the US, could it be a regional issue, as BernieAnne above registered no complaints?


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Just to say I have tried many of these video links tonight and only a few result in a video.
Not sure what the issue is. I'm using firefox also tried chrome.
Only 1,2,3,4,6 resulted in videos.


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I know most of mine no longer work as I no longer maintain that site I will look trough them and see which Are workking and post here if any are found working

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