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May 25, 2020
Hi, need a little help with this error message that is suddenly appearing for one user in our Access database. We're primarily using Windows 7 with the full version of Access 2016 which works fine but IT are in the middle of upgrading to Windows 10 and they're refusing to put the full version of Access on our PCs. Instead, they're installing Access runtime. One user has joined our team and is running Access runtime on a Windows 10 laptop and she is encountering this error on the startup of our database:

You can't carry out this action at this present time. You tried to run a macro or used the DoCmd object in Visual Basic... etc.

When the database opens, it opens the main form, a hidden form using DoCmd.OpenForm and runs a DoCmd.RunSQL query. Can't really understand why it's happening and there doesn't seem to much help online.


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error reading drive A:
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May 7, 2009
you need to talk to the IT about that to install the correct runtime version.

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