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    Leo = Bad Man?

    You are a bunch of sheep, all you can do is bleat, "BAAAD, BAAAD" as an all-too-predicatable reaction to my posts. I make no apology for being young and wild. The forums were in a state of stagnation when I arrived here and I infused them with new life, my life, my jizzom. Does that make me a...
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    Galaxiom fell into a cunning trap I laid for him! See my thread "F**k other devs" in the...

    Galaxiom fell into a cunning trap I laid for him! See my thread "F**k other devs" in the Watercooler section!
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    In honour of the Forum Troll ---

    You guys, you guys! Come and see Galaxiom make an UTTER fool of himself! It's VERY funny... ahhahahahahahah! :D :D :D
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    In honour of the Forum Troll ---

    Hi guys, I'm ba-ack! I didn't mean to upset Uncle Gizmo. Dear old Uncle, I''m sorry. Perhaps you just need to learn to live in a world with people as spiteful and "bigoted" as me. I'm not craving attention, I come here to learn lessons. That's what life's all about, isn't it? Doc-Man, I didn't...
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    Am I a troll?

    Now THERE's an interesting point. However, women are getting harder to date, at least in my corner of the globe, due to a rise in feminist schools of thought and a general aversion to intimacy. I believe that this is tied in with the rise in "Gay" pride. Correct me if you think I'm wrong. I...
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    In honour of the Forum Troll ---

    Sorry mate. No one click that link, ok? I've been copping some stick from the mods on these other forums (NoFap, if anyone's heard of the site), and I'm pushing them to their very limits of tolerance. It seems like I'm gone beyond annoyingly persistent and brutally confrontational to being...
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    Access OOP examples wanted

    This is an outstanding link, a brilliant exposé of OOP and the principles behind it. I don't know who posted the WithEvents link, but that one is even more awesome. Geez, I feel like a kid in a candy store, only the candy is programming concepts, and my brain--which assimilates them--is...
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    Total Access Analyzer

    Thanks for the info mate.
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    Total Access Analyzer

    Has anyone bought this software: "Total Access Analyzer" by FMS, Inc.? What does it do? Is it helpful for someone designing (relatively) small databases with not much VBA code therein? Thanks guys, - LC.
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    "Did you hear about the movie, 'Constipated'?" "No..." "That's because it hasn't come out yet!"
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    Mood swings

    That's interesting. Yes, I liked my trig, especially within the context of the calculus. In what ways have you utilised this field of Maths in database design, if any?
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    Mood swings

    It does make a lot of sense. I'm going to pin my inflated list of expenses on my client and make him pay for my new domain name, web hosting and AU$200 in IT books I've bought since the outset of this project. I think that AU$400 or so is quite reasonable, considering how much work I've put into...
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    Mood swings

    Right, right. You seem to have gained a wealth of practical experience in your career. Mine's only just begun! (I've had jobs before, and good ones, but never a career until quite recently.) See, I was curious about the mathematical component of Access because my client wants a running total of...
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