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Re: Don't save form until record is saved on second form

Originally Posted by theDBguy View Post
Pretty much. So, you’ll have to decide which is less work for you, make sure all ducks are in a row before saving all the records, or delete unwanted records after the fact?
What should I look at to delete after the fact? In other words - it would be a huge pain to redo all of the bound forms and I would much prefer to work out something that can run after the fact that deletes childless parents.

I just don't know what to even look at to do this.

Another great poster here gave me this:

SELECT tblinspectionevent.inspectionevent_pk 
FROM   ((((tblinspectionevent 
           LEFT JOIN tblinspectweldtests 
                  ON tblinspectionevent.inspectionevent_pk = 
          LEFT JOIN tblinspectfabrication 
                 ON tblinspectionevent.inspectionevent_pk = 
         LEFT JOIN tblinspectweldassemble 
                ON tblinspectionevent.inspectionevent_pk = 
        LEFT JOIN tblinspectmill 
               ON tblinspectionevent.inspectionevent_pk = 
       LEFT JOIN tblinspectgeneral 
              ON tblinspectionevent.inspectionevent_pk = 
WHERE  (( NOT ( tblinspectfabrication.inspectionevent_fk ) IS NULL )) 
        OR (( NOT ( tblinspectweldtests.inspectionevent_fk ) IS NULL )) 
        OR (( NOT ( tblinspectgeneral.inspectionevent_fk ) IS NULL )) 
        OR (( NOT ( tblinspectweldassemble.inspectionevent_fk ) IS NULL )) 
        OR (( NOT ( tblinspectmill.inspectionevent_fk ) IS NULL ));
and this:

Public Function EventHasInspections(EventID As Long) As Boolean
  EventHasInspections = (DCount("*", "qryEventsWithInspections", "InspectionEvent_PK = " & EventID) > 0)
End Function
I know what they do but I am not at all sure how to utilize them - meaning I am not sure where to PUT them.
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