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Automation on Server (1 Viewer)


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Today, 04:24
Jul 12, 2012

I am wondering if anyone knows if this is possible. A co-worker wants to be able to set a specific email address that will automatically insert attachments into the file folder on the server.

We have a server onsite running windows active directory and use windows exchange for email. For files each job has a main folder then 16 sub folders. I am thinking there are too many variables to make this work.

If this is possible what term is it referred to as?



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Today, 01:24
Oct 29, 2018
Hi Samantha. This sounds like a broad subject. Are you asking if this can be done on the Exchange Server or maybe a PowerShell script?


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Today, 09:24
Feb 19, 2013
Please clarify
set a specific email address
For files each job has a main folder then 16 sub folders
Do you mean your user/s receives an email with attachments from a specific email address and those attachments are placed in one or more of 16 subfolders?

Or do you mean your company has a specific email account that receives emails with attachments from multiple senders - and those attachments need to be stored in one or more of 16 folders?

Or something else?

that will automatically insert
automatically when? When received into an email folder/many folders? or perhaps click of a button when the email is opened? something else?

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