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Aug 17, 2015
Link to my code under Sample Databases:
Google Maps API Autocomplete | Access World Forums (

As I have had plenty of assistance from everyone here over the years. I thought I had better post this for everyone to share.

I've been playing around with including an autocomplete address form, like you see here: Place Autocomplete Address Form | Maps JavaScript API | Google for Developers

I had initially tried doing something through html/js and then using a WebBrowser control within Access, but that was absolutely terrible. So decided I had to try and reproduce the functionality directly within Access.

Have a look. When you type in the Search box, it updates the Listbox below and makes it visible, to have the correct appearance. You can use up and down arrows to select the different suggested addresses, then press enter, or just double-click.

It utilises a session token to ensure that the multiple requests sent to Google are billed under a single session, which is cleared once the textbox registers an empty string.

All you need to do is sign up at Google for an API key and enter this. Then you can set the country restriction to keep it localised.

There are plenty of options for addresss components and how these fit your particular area. I have used this in New Zealand but you can adjust to suit your region.


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