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Oct 17, 2020
My name is Sandy and I am based in County Durham. I started learning about databases using Smartware in 1991. I started my journey to becoming a "power user" with the launch of Access 97. I have since developed several sophisticated apps to handle the New Product Development process and associated data. I've re-engineered a legacy Access product specifications database which had been "loosing" records and taking 60 sec to retrieve a single record across the network (solved by establishing referential integrity, deletion of orphan files, use of indexes, compaction and split architecture). For simplicity, I try to avoid VBA, though have on occasion borrowed code to enable Access to do what the IT detractors said it couldn't (e.g. associating and displaying photos way beyond the 2GB limit).

I love the way I can use Access to pull and associate all the data I need to do my job into the one palace to simplify, error proof and automate tasks.
I love the way that I can query the data to reveal and solve the company's problems.
I also love mountain biking.

I've joined Access World Forums as I am looking to develop a commercial application.


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Sep 28, 1999
Welcome to the forums!

To help us better understand your needs, I would be very grateful if you could complete this 2 minute survey: Click here for the survey

All surveys are anonymous and not linked to your account.

I want to keep this the very best place for Access and your feedback helps us!


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Oct 29, 2018
Hi. Welcome to AWF!

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