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Mar 14, 2024
Hello everyone,

I am delighted to join this vibrant community and eager to become an active participant in our discussions. My name is John Abrak, and I'm excited to share my interests and learn from all of you.

A little about me: I have a passion for Database Management and MS Access in specific of which i am new. I'm always eager to delve deeper and engage in meaningful conversations about these topics.

Professionally, I work in IT support. I find exploring IT incredibly fascinating, and I'm keen on exchanging insights and experiences with fellow professionals here.

Outside of work and my hobbies, I enjoy meeting new people, exploring new places, discovering hidden gems in my locality, and diving into various outdoor activities. Reading, however, remains my steadfast companion during quiet moments which keeps me inspired and motivated.

I look forward to getting to know each of you better and contributing positively to our community. Please feel free to reach out, whether it's for a discussion, collaboration, or just a friendly chat.

Best regards, John Abrak/abrakjohn
Welcome to Access World! We're so happy to have you join us as a member of our community. As the most active Microsoft Access discussion forum on the internet, with posts dating back more than 20 years, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you.

We're a friendly and helpful community, so don't hesitate to ask any questions you have or share your own experiences with Access. We're here to support you and help you get the most out of this powerful database program.

To get started, we recommend reading the post linked below. It contains important information for all new users of the forum:


We hope you have a great time participating in the discussion and learning from other Access enthusiasts. We look forward to having you around!
I have issues making post. I get this when i reply my post


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It's because the post includes a link (in the quoted text).
To prevent spammers you can only post links after you have reached 10 posts (from memory it's 10)

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