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Nov 30, 2011
Hello there,

I have seen this many times across the Forum, when some of us ask users to upload the DB.. The responses we get are "The information is sensitive", "The file is too big", "There are over 100,000 records"..

Well when I started using this Forum, I did not know how to UPLOAD a stripped DB.. So here is the information on how to create a Stripped DB.

Thread : How to Upload a Stripped DB.

To create a Sample DB (to be uploaded for other users to examine); please follow the steps..
1. Create a backup of the file, before you proceed..
2. Delete all Forms/Queries/Reports that are not in Question (except the ones that are inter-related)
3. Delete auxiliary tables (that are hanging loose with no relationships).
4. If your table has 100,000 records, delete 99,990 records.
5. Replace the sensitive information like Telephone numbers/email with simple UPDATE queries.
6. Perform a 'Compact & Repair' it would have brought the Size down to measly KBs..
7. (If your Post count is less than 10 ZIP the file and) Upload it..
Finally, please include instructions of which Form/Query/Code we need to look at. The preferred Access version would be A2003-A2007 (.mdb files)

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