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Mar 3, 2020
Hello friends!
- my data is in the table tblFinkdetails
- I need to create a rptKnjigaEvidencije report
- from the table tblFinkdetalji, I filter only two synthetic accounts 211 and 432 (Left([konto];3)
- from the form frmFinkKnjigeDialog and Command52 I create the table tblReport
- and I create the report rptKnjigaEvidencije.

the report has fields from 7 to 18
7- serial number
8 - customer supplier and code
invoices issued
9 - account number
10 - given, issuing invoices
11- invoice amount (account 211 owes in report Expr11)
12 - date when our bill was paid
13- account amount (account 211 is requested in report Expr13)
bills received
14 - account number
15 - date, receipt of invoice
16- invoice amount (account 432 is requested in report Expr16)
17 - the date we paid the bill
18- account amount (account 432 owes in report Expr18)

my rptKnjigaEvidencije report is created with all the data

the problem is

serial number for expl. 189 with the amount of 712.18 should have been serial number 35

attached is mdb

- activate the form frmFinkKnjigeDialog, select command Evidencije and enter the date from to 1.1.23-31.3.23
- the report that is created is true and accurate, but does not satisfy the condition of one row
ie Expr11=Expr13
I need an idea how to solve the problem


i temporarily remove MouseWheel on your Reference (VBA). you need
to re instate the Reference.

Check your query, especially those Calculated columns.


Thanks for advice
I introduced another link by brojdoc in the final query
and resolve problem

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