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    I currently own a 2012 GMC Sierra XLT 4WD and crew cab. It has a 5.3 foot bed. Pretty comfortable truck. Fairly easy to park most times. Not as easy as the Chevy Equinox I used to own, but it allows me to transport family in more comfort. The truck bed has been very useful. It has some...
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    What is your most memorable event / experience that will stay with you forever?

    Another memorable moment in Mt. Rainer National Park (when I was very young). A camper was putting down their tent to get it packed up. A deer wandered into the middle of the downed tent and laid down. Apparently it was very comfortable. It ignored all the hand waving and yelling at the...
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    What is your most memorable event / experience that will stay with you forever?

    Colin your trip to India reminded of a similar experience. Yosemite valley is pretty much surrounded by high cliffs of granite. A few times while I was working there there had been a snow storm. Then that night there was full moon. Quite a scene and no need for a flashlight.
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    most memorable hacker / malware experiences

    Some years back after I had just installed an OS (Windows XP I think). No sooner than I get the computer set up for the internet I started getting popups saying that my computer was infected and to click on the button to fix (NOT!!!). Of course when I got my software firewall set up, it went away.
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    I need to lose about 30 lbs (not sure how many stones that is). But alas I have really poor discipline when it comes to eating food. I was getting some decent exercise before it got really hot (>100 degrees fahrenheit) and the air quality got real bad (down wind from a number of wild fires in...
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    What is your most memorable event / experience that will stay with you forever?

    The_Doc_Man: I have been to a number of the places you listed and many more. Makes it hard to choose. Of course there was the launch of the Skylab crew and a Space Shuttle launch. Then there was visiting the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C.. The Grand Canyon (watching the sunrise from...
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    print a crystal report filtered to a data row that is on a form

    There are lots of ways to 'show' a Crystal Report. You may be able to use a viewer, but I do not know if they accept parameters. Another way is to use the SDK tools provided by SAP (beyond what I know about).
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    Today, I really fancy a...

    Most of the Spanish words I have learned are by going to Mexican restaurants. Since I live in Central California, it probably would be useful to know more Spanish. A lot of billboards and store fronts are in Spanish around here.
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    Drone Takeover

    A lot of reasons a drone could be cost effective. It does eliminate an truck's expense (insurance, fuel, driver). Really handy if someone lives down a winding road high up in the mountains.
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    Someone with way too much time available to try to get money. Doesn't work on me. Into the trash they go.
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    Today, I really fancy a...

    Being able to go to a restaurant or a movie without the fear of catching COVID.
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    Car insurance - they always up my rate!

    We do have a bit of choice though. I can get smaller premiums if I opt for a higher co-pay and less coverage.
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    Car insurance - they always up my rate!

    Issac: My case is reversed. My car insurance (~60.00 US/month) is way cheaper than my health insurance for two people (~1400.00 US/month). My employer is nice enough to kick in some money for my health insurance so my out of pocket is about $420.00/month.
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    Car insurance - they always up my rate!

    In the U.S., From what I understand, if you are in a public place, then anyone can film you. It is nice that Google hides their face. But of course you can hide your face for any reason. My wife is photo shy.
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    Car insurance - they always up my rate!

    So for years you dump money into an insurance company, if you have a claim (health and life insurances work different from the rest). Then the insurance company determines how you actually get for repairs/replacement. Then they can cancel you or raise the rates.
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