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Oct 6, 2019
Hey you guys!

I am putting together a website that is going to offer a knowledgebase covering various web-based and desktop-based topics. Most of the site will be for developers and will offer free coding resources in common sense language, however one side topic is going to cover browsers, and related pages will offer guidance and deep insights on these issues regarding how large corporation spy/snoop/track your every movement (along with a few other things):

=> the location of the cache folder/directory in windows for each major browser, where the browser's creator stores tracking data on you, cookies, session info, database content related to your habits, etc...
=> how to eliminate all data out of the above folder/directory so the tracking company or any 3rd party companies that are partnered with them can't analyze your browsing history.
=> it will offer a VBScript that you can execute simply by double clicking the file that will delete tracking-related data for every major browser. there will be 1 VBScript file per browser.
=> additional information about the type of tracking information that is in each one of the folders/subfolders in the cache directory for each major browser.

The term "major browser" applies to all of the following:

=> Google Chrome.
=> Mozilla Firefox.
=> Microsoft Edge (replace program for Internet Explorer).

The website is password protected, and will remain that way until the site becomes available to the general public in a few weeks to months. If this is something you care about, are curious about, or even want to explore, send me a Private Message through the forum system here and let me know, and I can send you the credentials to access the site. For obvious reasons, I can't post usernames or passwords here in this thread.

I think I should say that the script I've written for this purpose more-or-less just delete out everything in the cache directory for these browsers. I came up with this solution because I became aware that all of the browsers store so much information about their users are doing that they literally started causing my serious problem when using website back-end dashboard tools with 5 different hosting companies. After going back and forth with agents from these hosting companies, I found out that the browser creators were causing the problem because they store hundreds of files and huge sqlLite databases in the cache that record almost everything. Quite annoying....
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