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Aug 20, 2016
The example attached is just a suggestion and there may be areas that need further work.

The Combobox for services only shows those services which are currently Active.
Hi Mike, Thank you for sharing the example

I greatly appreciate it

However, whilst I was testing it out I found that

If I select the acupuncture service and create a new invoice, then make the acupuncture service inactive, it disappears from the the previous invoice.

What I was hoping to achieve was even if I select inactive for any of the services after I have issued the invoice, it should still appear on the previous invoice.

The date of service as it is in your example can only be selected once, however I was hoping to have the option to select date each line item

The reason being if I provide acupuncture service to Bill on 20/01/2021 and bill does not want to have Yoga on the same day, i will need to go another day to provide Yoga service, but it will be invoiced on the same invoice as different service date.

Lastly when create new record and select company from combo box right at the top, it does not let me create new record and keep showing the old data as soon as i select company 1, super confused with this one.

How can I display the total of line item?

Thank you in advance


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Jan 23, 2006
Consider, in a situation where Items are ordered by a customer and you are getting the Price/Cost of that Item from the Item table, then old invoices will be "meaningless/inaccurate" whenever you change the Item price in the Item table. Seems similar to your inactive service, if I understand correctly. The Item(and service) tables deal with today/at this moment/currently. But the invoice or Item purchase was "in the past", so when you want to use the "current value" when looking/reporting and old invoice/service you have a logical inconsistency.

The selling price at the time of sale of the Item should be recorded in the OrderDetail/LineItem record.
Similarly you need to record sufficient info with the invoice to prevent/avoid your current situation.
Good luck.

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