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Aug 20, 2010
Hi. I have a customer that has a printer that prints in both color and B&W. Because of they way her supplier charges she only wants reports printed in B&W. I've changed the default printer in Windows, (which is the one reports use), to make if only print in B&W. However, it appears that Access reports ignore that and print in color.

Because of the number of reports in the system, is there a way to ensure that all reports print only in B&W? I just don't look forward to going to every report and modifying the print characteristics of each report.

Any ideas?


What is the make and model of their printer? Some printer properties are accessible using VBA. I don't think Access reports have a property for printing in b&w.
I ran a test on my own setup with a HP printer. Even though I change a printer setting in Windows to only print in B&W, Access prints in color. I can change the printing preferences for a report in Access and it will print in B&W, but the next time that report prints it reverts back to color. Strange.
Posting on my phone, but try to set the printer preference using code before printing the report. This means use a button to print the report and not manually.
I think I tried this a while ago. I thought I had it working, but what happened was when I changed the printer to b&w, it lost settings like landscape and reverted to portrait. I ended up deactivating the b&w option..

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