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Steve W

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Jan 25, 2024
Hello, I am new to the forum. Came across this place trying to figure out an issue I am having with an Access Database created by someone no longer with my company. I know very little about MS Accesss. Yesterday it was working fine. Then suddenly stopped importing data from my sharepoint server. Giving me a message as follows:

I uninstalled the Database and reinstalled it, but now getting this message:

Please let me know if anyone can help me understand the issue. Thanks in advance - Steve.
Sometimes part of code never gets exercised unless a piece of data changes. For example an error handler might never get used until someone enters a bad piece of data. This tends to be where you get "it used to work, but now the code is broke". In fact the code was broke all along, but that part of the code never executed until now.

I would see if there is some bad code that is not compiled. Go to visual basic and select Debug - Compile Database

If there is some bad code it may take you to it. You would need to comeback showing us what code is highlighted.

Also search for "timer" and show us the code that the Timer is supposed to run.

However, with Sharepoint all bets are off, and this could be a problem caused by SharePoint limitations.
FYI I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum and deleted Jon's "welcome" post.
There are some similar if not identical reports that start out the same way.

I've seen a couple of other error references that are similar based on other events. In common, they relate to event handler specification but for different events. They exhibit a variety of error messages, but many of them have similar issues. Code suddenly doesn't work.

In summary, the odd behavior and apparently uncorrelated error message can be caused by bad references or by typos in something you might have entered in the form's Events property sheet. It can also be caused by corruption of the code.

Do you have any Macros in use in response to form events? To determine this: Open a form in Design mode, open the Properties tab, look in the Events tab. The ones that say "[Event Procedure]" are using VBA. If they are not blank but not an event procedure then they are either Macros or some kind of oddball function.

You have peeled one layer off of the onion. There are a few more layers before we can offer a definitive answer.

From that same still form in Design mode, you should have an option to Show Code ... or type CTRL/G ... to bring up the VBA code. From there, look in the menu bar for Tools >> References, which will list the external libraries used by your app, with check-boxes on the left of each entry. You only care about the checked ones. Unchecked = not referenced. Left click to highlight them one at a time and look under the list box. You can also use the cursor down-arrow to step through that list one at a time. You want to look at the area under the list box to see whether any of the checked library entries include a word like MISSING or BROKEN. If you find one, that is your culprit.

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