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Steve R.

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Jul 5, 2006
The US may silently end with a whimper without the birth of babies. The US is committing cultural suicide.

Low population is good for the environment, less greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable living, high standard of living, and greater personal liberty. However, there is a political downside to what is happening that does not get adequately discussed. That is the purposeful importation of illegal immigrants who really have no cultural commitment to maintaining US culture. Biden, even before he became president projected that he would implement a "lenient" immigration policy. Now we know what that means, an open border.

Those on the left will never disclose that the fundamental purpose of importing illegal immigrants is to fundamentally change the US. They will falsely claim it is for humanitarian purposes, which sounds very altruistic. Potentially, the adverse long term impact will be that the US will become a third-world corrupt nation.

Surprisingly, the environmental community seems to be silent on stopping illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration will result in greater greenhouse gas emissions, greater environmental damage, lowering of the standard of living, rationing of resources, more urban decay, and less personal liberty (autocratic central government).
I have not discussed the issue below. According to some, the left is purposely advocating that women should not to have children as part of their anti-White cultural strategy (the elimination of the nuclear family).
"Marital fertility rates have not declined by nearly as much. The delayed or postponement of marriages is the simplest sort of compositional factors behind falling birthrates," Stone said. "Income is coming later and later in life. The result is these milestones get delayed. You buy a house later, you get married later, you have a certain amount of savings later. All these things come later and the problems, they come later, but the ability to have a child is a kind of biological constraint. So by the time people feel ready to handle having children it’s sometimes too late."
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