A million patriots in the Streets of Madrid protesting against the socialist coup (1 Viewer)

Uncle Gizmo

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Jul 9, 2003
I saw a video on Twitter of over a million patriots in the Streets of Madrid protesting against the socialist coup.

I Asked ChatGPT:-

Can you tell me anything about the Socialist coup in Spain

Chat GPT Said:-
The recent developments in Spain involve a deal between the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Catalan separatist party, Junts. Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of PSOE has secured Junts' backing to form a government. This agreement, seen as controversial by the opposition, includes an amnesty law for those prosecuted over Catalonia's attempt to secede from Spain in 2017. This deal is essential for Sanchez's efforts to form a stable government, as no outright winner emerged from the July election. However, even with Junts' support, the Socialists still lack an absolute majority in Congress and need backing from other smaller parties, including the Basque Nationalist Party.

The amnesty law is particularly significant as it allows for the potential return and political participation of Junts leader Carles Puigdemont, who is currently in exile. Puigdemont and others view the amnesty as a step towards resolving the longstanding conflict between Spain and Catalonia and addressing what they describe as political persecution.

The deal has sparked protests and intense political debate, with Sanchez's opponents accusing him of compromising the rule of law for political gain, and critics expressing concerns about the implications for national unity and democracy in Spain

This link leads to the Reuters article that provides comprehensive details about the recent political developments in Spain involving the Spanish Socialist Party and the Catalan separatist party Junts.

Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
Not being up to speed on Spanish politics, I don't understand why this is being called a coup. It sounds like one political faction was bought off by the Socialists so they would join with the Socialists to form a majority. Too bad the PP party didn't think of that tactic first.

Looking back on our Civil War, I don't believe that the secessionists were persecuted as they seem to have been in Spain. There was a Constitutional amendment added though that prevented them from holding public office. That's the 14th which the Dems bizarrely think applies to Trump even though neither he nor his supporters have been charged with insurrection. The people who protested on "Jan 6th" and foolishly entered the Capitol building uninvited have been persecuted and I would expect that Trump or any Republican president would pardon any of them not convicted of actual violence and even offer reparations because they were persecuted, not prosecuted. We have devolved into a banana republic where laws are unequally applied. If the administration doesn't like your political views, they crush you. If they agree with your political views, your actions are just "free speech".

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