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Nov 22, 2021
Good day everyone.

This is an appreciation and admiration post for @The_Doc_Man and sane people like him.
Whenever I get time, I read his posts regardless of the original question or discussion.

I really admire his quality of handling any rude, crude, inappropriate, arrogant posts from the users and repeated users.
It is a very easy approach to ignore the post, but he gives proper and detailed reply even to a seemingly arrogant post.
Or if you seek help from him for a technical question or non-technical question, not only he will provide proper help but he will never mock your question.
Sometimes, people are scared that their question or post might be mocked or ridiculed, that never happens with the DOC.

At the same time, he does not shy away from calling a spade a spade.
He does not take politically correct sides and try to remain in good books for everyone, which not possible actually even if we try to.
A recent example of war conflict post, I will admit that am bit biased to one side hence can not see other side with clear mind. But the way he explained events or chain of events help me to understand the conflict in a better way.
Or about religion, I believe in GOD (and I respect other person's choice of god). At the same time, when I read his posts about religion, I too get in doubt for a moment. But then I get back to my normal mode.
My effort here is, how to keep cool and think with a clear mind and express without fear and without offending.
It is not having about having time to reply on the forum, it is about the quality and depth of his posts that I truly admire.
You may add your favorite person to this list nice persons.
I just hope, being a moderator himself, he will approve my post. :)
Yeah, but can he dance...,?

Arthur Murray School of Dance, Silver level in eight ballroom dance styles, bronze in four more styles. But don't ask me to free-style. And since my issues with my knees requiring arthroscopic repair (not replacement... yet), my days of twirling terpsichore are pretty much over. As to twinkle-toes, ... that was mostly the girls whose toes did that.
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@SachAccess - thank you for the vote of confidence. All we can hope to do most days is to remain civil and avoid insulting the people around us TOO much. My ability to remain calm and even-handed, however, is an illusion in one sense. I learned a long time ago to say what you want in your reply, particularly when replying to something totally and outrageously stupid ... but don't EVER send out the first draft thereof.

Before I retired, I spent 28 1/2 years working with U.S. Navy sailors at various ranks. The Chief Petty Officers (sailor equivalent to Sergeants) could blister an armadillo. I learned that by self-censoring the first draft of any reply, I could have the time to re-think my responses and make them come out strong where necessary, gentile when more appropriate, and better organized than the first draft response.

@CJ_London - You noticed before I did that NG has an aiming problem. I am reminded of the sign in the men's toilet in the Bourbon Street bar where I played a lot of music during my college days. "We aim to please. You aim too, please."
My effort here is, how to keep cool and think with a clear mind and express without fear and without offending.

You cannot avoid offending, you can only stratify your response such that it is truthful (to your mind), and not intended to offend, or intended to insult specifically. Very occasionally at best, you may be able to go further and avoid phrases or assertions that are known to offend regardless of intent - but even there, I'd be hesitant to remove part of what you really need to say for that sake. The reality is, the average person WILL be offended when you strenuously disagree with them, or claim they have told an untruth. The average person will be offended much more often than your comment was offensive in truth
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I used to be able to dance before my knees started giving me fits and before my number 1 dance partner developed HER knee problems. I mentioned above that I took ballroom dance lessons, reaching the Arthur Murray School's Silver standard. They have levels beginner, bronze, silver, gold, and exhibition. I stopped at silver because I wasn't interested in competition dancing. That is when the gold and higher standards become an issue. I learned well enough that when I went to a dance looking for a partner, I wouldn't embarrass myself too badly. Must have worked, because I met my sweetie at a church-sponsored dance. Three years later, we were married... and 29+ years later, we STILL are married to each other.

For the record, I was never IN the Navy. I was a contractor. We don't get military whites. Sometimes we get the blues... but that is a different story.
For our wedding, neither of us wore white. First, it was winter so pure white was out anyway. But it was her second marriage, so she picked a color that she could wear to other events later and I just wore a dark suit.

But when we went to dances, the "whirling around the floor" was not too far off for the waltzes, at least.

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